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James Troutman
26 February 1972
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I do lots of (boring) technical work, involving anything that can serve data, route packets, or pass phone calls, when I am not trying to build businesses, or compose emails. I have a day-job now doing Internet marketing and analysis work for a completely non-technical product, if you can believe it.. Now I am back to doing self-employed consulting work of ALL sorts.

I am essentially auto-didactic, but with a fear of higher math. I am a jack of all trades, and even a master of a few of them. I am fascinated by systems of all sorts.

I have been using the Internet since 1987. Yes, Really. My first on-line experiences started with the world of BBSes in 1983. My first unix exposure was in 1987, and I started running linux in 1994. I started learning how to use Cisco gear in 1989. Some of my friends say that I am Old Skool, but I just have a long memory.

I am involved in the operations of couple of small businesses that are operated with a small group of employees, and others are larger. Some of these businesses I own, or own in part with partners, and others I help manage on a contractual basis. This includes a dialup Internet Service Provider, a wireless broadband ISP, a small DSL CLEC, a web hosting business, and a 24x7x365 call center. Trying to find the one ring to control them all.

My consulting gigs these days are varied, consisting of projects like designing technology infrastructure for new school buildings, phone systems for call centers, being a Chief Information Officer for rent, performing BGP turn-ups for ISPs, or helping with website design and systems engineering. I have also been the "go to" network troubleshooter guy for a decent sized publicly traded bank, several small ISPs/CLECs, a small chain of coffee shops, a multi-state chain of convenience stores, and many others.

I'm a geek, but a well rounded one. I can write advertising copy, edit your white paper, design a marketing campaign, talk to customers nicely, do business process analysis, write reports, create a budget for a million dollar project, and give presentations in front of CEOs or boards, or even BE the CEO or on the board. I can also field repair a wireless Internet POP in the middle of a snowstorm, fix your OSPF network, properly install a Category 5 network jack to EIA/TIA specifications, troubleshoot your linux kernel crashes, make your website faster and get more traffic, or debug your T1 Frame Relay troubles at all layers.

I can also teach, which I have done at the high school, adult education, and college level. I have been guest lecturer and co-instructor for Masters degree courses in Computers in Education, but I don't have any sort of degree myself.

I can cook many things, including some Indian food and lots of Italian, and I bake a pretty good pumpkin pie.

I cannot actually play corporate political games very well, tolerate intentional stupidity, or suffer fools for very long. I hate the corporate decision making and exclusively profit driven thinking. I can be politically correct when I need to be but I prefer to tell the truth, even if it gets me in trouble (and boy, nothing gets in you in trouble like an unpopular truth).

I'm really bad at remembering names, faces, and dates. I mumble to myself too often, and speak too softly to be heard clearly at times.

I like to fix my own cars (love Volvos!), because it is something that doesn't come easily to me, and I enjoy having something tangible to beat on sometimes.

I can't run and I can't jump, so I don't play basketball. I play Counter-strike sometimes, and avoid MMORPGs at all costs, lest I end up living in a trailer down by the river drooling and clicking on the shiny things Well, I do play WoW sometimes, and then at other times put it away for a few months.

My life is insane, and I work way too much -- except when I am not. I have a wonderful wife, 3 beautiful sons, 4 cats, and not enough free time.

I have been accused of being too intense, driven, time-sliced, over-committed, ambitious, caring, trusting, and kind. This is probably all true, but I don't really care.

I have many acquaintances, but only a few very good friends. My life would be worth nothing without those that I love. I miss all of my friends and family more than they will ever realize, and I wish I spent more time with all of them.

Life is too short. It needs more love in it.

"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us." - Gandalf

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